Fiction Workshops

Unlike a class, there are no lectures in workshops. Instead, we’ll devote all our time time to polishing your writing. There is also no class schedule. You’re free to submit your work any time after enrolling.

Before you begin a workshop, you should have at least a first draft of your work completed. For the Novel Writing Workshop, a rough outline of the entire book is helpful as well.


Novel Writing Workshop – $125

When writing fiction, the beginning of your book is crucial. Agents and editors often make decisions based on your first chapter alone, so those first pages must be as perfect as possible. You’ll submit the first 5000 words of your book (roughly 2-3 chapters), which I’ll edit and critique. In addition to fixing any grammar and punctuation problems, we’ll work on style, setting, plot, pacing, character development, and all the other elements of great fiction.


Short Story Workshop – $100

Short fiction can be even more challenging than a full-length novel. You’ll submit a completed short story (up to 4000 words) which I’ll edit and critique. I’ll fix any grammar or punctuation errors, offer suggestions on plot, pacing, and style, and discuss the fine details of crafting a compelling short story.


To sign up for workshops, fill out the form below. You’ll receive an invoice and payment instructions within 24 hours.