Writing Classes

Breaking Into Freelance Writing – $140  $99

Welcome to the most flexible, personalized writing course available, designed for those who want one-on-one instruction instead of generic lectures in a crowded classroom environment.

This four-week course will improve your grammar, punctuation, format, and style, but I also teach students how to generate topics, find markets, send a pitch, and sell articles. If you’re ready to turn your hobby into a money-making endeavor, this is the class for you.

Unlike other online classes—which require students to log into a web site on a certain day at a certain time to “attend class”—my course is tailored to your schedule. You’ll receive one lecture per week to read at your leisure, along with an assignment to complete. But instead of random writing exercises, you’ll  write about the topics you want to focus on. You’re then free to ask as many questions as you like, not only about the lectures but also about your own projects and the writing business in general.

When I critique your assignments, I act as your editor by polishing your work. By the end of the course, you’ll have two finished articles ready to sell.

For more information, see the complete course outline, read the FAQ, and read comments from former students.


Intro to Travel Writing – $50

This fun and fast-paced two-week course is for those who already know the basics of writing and want to learn more about the exciting field of travel writing. You’ll receive one lecture and complete two writing assignments, both of which will be fully critiqued.

In the first class, you’ll learn about the travel market and the different types of articles, then get tips on how to find topics, how to gather research material, and how to write a winning travel story.  You’ll then write and submit a short travel article on any topic you like.

In week two, you’ll write a feature-length travel article. In addition to my critique, I’ll also suggest possible markets.

To sign up for writing classes, fill out the form below. You’ll receive an invoice and payment instructions within 24 hours. Credit card payments are made through Paypal, which is both easy and secure.